Sube la vibra

Elizabeth Perger
Founder, Production and Edition
I decided to take the career of Social Communication and Media in the United States, since I believe that as we realize that we are what we are by repentance and habits, then we have the possibility to change and find the power that exists within us. My desire is to communicate everything I have learned in recent years but in an objective way and from reliable sources.
When I started with Social Communication I made many translations into Spanish in order to better understand what I was studying and little by little it became a habit.
From there came the idea to get this “Upload the Vibra Magazine” for the Hispanic Community, I think we have much information to share and practice daily to improve our attitude towards life and live a full life. I have had the fortune to meet and share the vast majority of the people I have interviewed and my work has been very reliable for them.
My greatest desire is to be able to see a harmonious, peaceful, loving, healthy, prosperous Humanity and where they can receive a cooperation education on a healthy Planet, where they will only use the resources necessary for our needs but not for our vanity , Mother Earth is our home, it is our livelihood, it is our provider of all our needs. I hope that some day soon we will come to value Mother Earth and value all of us as what we are “WE ARE ALL ONE.”

Opportunities for Society and Volunteering

If this philosophy goes with you and you want to be part of a Vibrant, Harmonious, Happy, Healthy Community, Thrives with Opportunities. Where you are respected and respect others, where there is no need to judge or be judged, where you know that we are all ONE and that there is no separation, then tell us what you would like to do in Upload the VIbra? What would you like to participate in?
The idea of Sube la Vibra is to become an inclusive, cooperative, knowledgeable, honest and, above all, LOVING community for the entire Hispanic Speaking Community.

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Our goal is simple, to make users have a life in harmony; with everyone in the environment that surrounds them including nature.

The challenge..?? Transcend, Impact …


The purpose is to train, create, give tools so that each person can use them for their benefit and that of others, fully and integrally.

If a majority of people with a common purpose vibrate in the Light, their reaches are Infinite …